Reducing energy costs for small to large companies for 35 years at little to no cost to our customers


Energy Price Management Group        

Energy Price Management Group (EnergyPMG) will support your in house energy managers or be your dedicated unbiased energy management team. EnergyPMG is a professional energy consulting firm built on decades of expertise managing electricity, natural gas, and other commodities. With no obligation, EnergyPMG will deliver, for your consideration, the lowest price and best supply options in the market. The process is clear, the results are second to none, and in most cases our work is free of charge to you.


EnergyPMG uses only sound energy management principles consistent with the highest standards in the industry to reduce costs for industrial, commercial, institutional, municipal, and residential customers


EnergyPMG is unbiased, and independent of any one energy supplier or solution.  Each of our experts has experience spanning as much as 35 years, with deep and broad expertise in electricity and natural gas markets around the world.